Hello. It’s me, Ted L. Nancy. And thank you for coming to my website.

Jerry Seinfeld took me on TV and unmasked me. I am Barry Marder. And I have been writing the “Letters From A Nut” books under the name of Ted L. Nancy. Which is me.

I have posted clips from the TV shows we were on together. They are “Larry King Live”, “The Today Show”, and “The Howard Stern Show.”

So why did Jerry Seinfeld finally reveal who I am? I have noticed over the years that there are quite a few people claiming to be me: Ted L. Nancy. I have seen my name just about everywhere on the Internet. On Myspace, Facebook, You Tube, Amazon. I have seen a Canadian Ted L. Nancy, a Rabbi Ted L. Nancy. I have seen my name signed to Twitter, and Mercedes Benz advice columns, and so many message and blog sites that I honestly lost count. Believe me this is not “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

So I want to set the record straight here. Once and for all: I have never been on Myspace, Friendster, Jokes.com, Jumpcut, etc. I did not put these entries up. I have never given any advice on car problems for Mercedes Benz. I am not on Benzworld.org, or any Mercedes Benz Discussion Forums. I am not on Techdirt. I am not a Dedicated MacNNer or on any Apple websites. I am not on Craigslist. There are no other “Letters From A Nut” websites that I am affiliated with. I do not write a “Letters From A Nut” wrestling column or any of the numerous “Letters From A Nut” Internet columns I see daily. Every day I see more and more “Letters From A Nut” columns and blogs and Ted L. Nancy columns. They are not mine. I see my name signed to so many things that I have literally lost count. I do not sell – or have ever sold – any t-shirts, mugs, caps or other items with the Ted L. Nancy name or signature on them. Any that were sold or continue to be sold are illegal.

My Ted L. Nancy Twitter has the bright yellow “ALL NEW LETTERS FROM A NUT” book cover on it.
And my other Twitter – Letters From A Nut – has the blue mailbox on it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TedLNancy

Regarding my books on Amazon and other websites. I also write under the name Ed Broth. I have written the “Stories From A Moron” book and “The Oddvious” cartoon book. Alan Marder illustrates these books. And of course all my books under Ted L. Nancy.

I have no other books except what you see under my Author’s Page on Amazon.com. If you want to find my books on Amazon they are under Ted L. Nancy, Ed Broth, or Jerry Seinfeld. No one else.

Whew! See what happens when others claim to be you.

So here we are. This is the Official Ted L. Nancy Website. If you think you are on another Ted L. Nancy website — you are not!

Please stop by here often. There will be new writings and other things from time to time. I hope you enjoy your visit here. And enjoy this as much as I do in bringing it to you. I am proud of my books and hope that you will continue to enjoy them. I love writing them.

Thank you.


Ted L. Nancy
(Barry Marder )

April 3, 2019